Latest Papers:

  • Fridays for Future meets the Hotelling rule: some thoughts on decarbonization policies. MPRA Working Paper No. 94803 (Paper)
  • Money as an Inflationary Phenomenon. Jena Economic Research Papers No. 2018-011 (Paper).
  • Is there green growth in OECD countries? MPRA Working Paper No.87726 (2018) (Paper)
  • Degrowth and sustainable public finance. MPRA Working Paper No. 87109 (2018) (Paper)
  • ESBies as a Basis for a TARGET2 Settlement Mechanism. MPRA Working Paper No. 83012 (2017) (Paper)
  • Trade Patterns and the Ecological Footprint – a theory-based Empirical Approach. Jena Economic Research Papers No. 2017-005 (Paper) (with T.A. Dam and N. Werlich)
  • Soft Paternalism and Nudging – Critique of the Behavioral Foundations. MPRA Working Paper No. 61140 (2014) (Paper)